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Unitized glass facade

Vách kính mặt dựng unitized đẹp sang trọng

Unitized glass facade is  aluminum  and glass facade system is produced, processed and finished become modul (also known as panel)in the factory, then transferred to the works to install and complet overall. The Unitized aluminum and facade glass facade is best used for works have uniform surfaces and floors with the same height. Unitized glass facade – […]

Semi glass facade

Vách mặt dựng hệ Sem i- Nhà thầu thi công nhôm kính Toàn Cầu Invest

The semi glass facade (also known as semi-install Semi-Unitized curtain wall or Hybrid curtain wall) is a type of facade that combines with the advantages and features of the Stick and Unitized glass facade. The basic structural principle is excepting for the main frame, other facade elements are assembled to become unitized panels, then transferred to […]

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