Toan Cau Invest Co.,Ltd是一家专业铝合金玻璃承包商,在建筑,加工和供应房屋,工程,项目材料等领域处于领先地位……来源于当今日益增长的铝玻璃产品的需求和优势。 通过多年的发展,通过有效的投资,正确的方向和努力不停,全球一步一步地为产品和服务创造品牌。 您的合作伙伴和客户的心脏。

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With the business philosophy “PERFECT DESIGN TO DESIGN” </ strong> together with the investment system of complete factory, equipped with modern chain machines imported directly from other countries We are proud to bring the standard solutions in the field of aluminum and glass architecture in Vietnam.


Through years of development, by the effective investment, the right direction and effort non-stop, Global Step gradually create the brand products and services in the heart of your partners and customers.

With a team of engineers, technical consultants with high professional qualifications, experienced. The skilled workforce is confirmed by the fact that each project is large and complex, such as the National Mine Action Center, D’Palais De Louis, Rooms, … the work by Global Construction is always appreciated for progress and quality.

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Global Invest currently has two manufacturing plants in Bac Thang Long Industrial Zone (Hanoi) and District 12 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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nha thau thi cong nhom kinh

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