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Aluminum window Việt Pháp

Cửa nhôm Việt Pháp

  Cửa nhôm Việt Pháp là cửa được làm từ nhôm Việt Pháp. Trên mặt cắt của nhôm Việt Pháp có nhiều rãnh, gân, nếp, được thiết kế để tăng độ cứng, tăng khả năng chống lực vặn xoắn. Nhôm được xử lý với lớp phủ sơn tĩnh điện chính hãng nên độ bền cực […]

Aluminum Glass Doors

Nhà thầu thi công nhôm kính

Aluminum Glass Doors – With Modern Furniture Trends Now! The use of glass in the furniture of the home has become practical because of it’s benefits. It not only brings aesthetic elegance modern, but also because of its effectiveness as creating spacious space, high durability and easy to cleaning. In addition to the application of […]

Aluminum and glass windows

aluminum and glass windows

With the interior decoration of the house by the glass wall, glass handrail, glass stairs,, glass roof sunblock,… aluminum and glass windows is also a very important element contributing to making the beauty of luxury and modern for the house. Windows are integral part of a complete house . In addition, It is not only […]

Xingfa aluminum and glass doors

Xingfa aluminum and glass doors

Xingfa aluminum and glass doors / windows – Contractor Aluminum And Glass Invest – Leading in the construction and installation of Xingfa aluminum and glass doors /windows for the works are small to large  such as skycrapers, commercial centers, the urban areas, aparment, hospitals, hotels … Contractor Aluminum And Glass Global Invest with a professor team […]