Toan Cau Invest‘s aluminum and glass products are diverse in types and designs, with outstanding advantages compared to traditional materials, especially accessible prices. Toan Cau is committed to providing the best-guaranteed products in terms of quality, longevity with the project. Perfect choice to create a classy modern living space.



High-grade aluminum and glass doors of the Toan Cau Invest brand use imported materials. Outstanding quality based on European standard production lines. Perfect bearing capacity, thermal insulation, sound insulation and high aesthetics.



The façade glass wall creates a modern face for most iconic buildings such as office complexes – commercial centers, apartments, buildings, 5-star resorts, etc. with great bearing capacity, and high artistry.

Unitized facade walls are manufactured and processed at the factory in the form of modular components or panels with the following advantages:

  • Homogeneous, ensuring the aesthetic,
  • Easy construction, fast progress,
  • Solid structure, resistant to the seismic vibrations of the building,
  • Closed structure, ensuring sound insulation, heat insulation, and waterproofing for the project,
  • Ensuring maximum occupational safety,
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Spider façade is an assembly method that bolts glass panels and integrates them onto a larger façade structure. A Spider glass system consists of large glass panels connected by connectors, possessing the following features:

  • Incredible transparency, suitable for facades of modern buildings, dynamic cities,
  • Flexibility in design, diverse applications,
  • Environmental protection and energy saving,
  • High level, reduced noise, dust, and temperature,
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Semi glass facade (or ‘Semi-assembled system’) is a façade glass system that has many outstanding advantages in terms of safety, accuracy, and extremely durable. It is applied in skyscrapers with complex structures.

  • Precisely assembled components, easy-to-control quality,
  • Quick set-up, fast construction progress, high efficiency,
  • Waterproof, perfect drainage, easy maintenance, and replacement,
  • Reduce the level of pollution on the surface, ensure aesthetics,
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Stick glass facade is a system installed on the principle that the aluminum frame is installed first and the glass panels are followed. Both these stages are carried out at the construction site.

  • Materials are easy to buy, the construction process is simple,
  • Production and processing costs are cheaper than other glass facades,
  • High mobility, easy to apply on many projects,
  • Allows use on highly complex buildings with angular, heterogeneous surfaces,
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