Fire resistant glass doors

Fire resistant glass doors are a combination of modernity and fire protection properties of the door, which gives the space around the door a more elegant and soft appearance in the furniture . Anti  fire glass is created due to the increasing demand for safety against fire hazards for humans.
Depending on the time that it  can r be  efractory fire, we use different types of glass with fire protection ranging from 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 minutes.

Contractor Aluminum And Glass Global Invest – Leading in the construction and installation of Fire resistant glass doors with the works from small to large such as: skyscrapers, commercial centers, urban areas, residential buildings, hospitals, hotels … Contractor Aluminum And Glass Global Invest with a professor team is enthusiastic and  has many experience’s year in the contruction’s field of  aluminum and glass always  creat satisfied customers by the attitude worked professionally, dedicated to bring the most durable and beauty products.

Advantages of class glass doors are installed by  Global Invest
+ Fire resistant glass doors prevent the transmission of heat, which slows down the burning of the glass.
+ Fire resistant glass doors prevent glass breaking due to thermal shock.
+ Fire resistant glass doors, whether glass can  be broken,it is not splashed that will be retained by the steel mesh.
+ Fragments are non-spiky, non damage, non danger to humans.
+ Fire resistant glass doors prevent the smoke  entering into the most effective way, without harm to the human respiratory system.
+ Effective blocking of flames, dangerous radiation rays, extends the time for people to escape the fire. At the same time do not spread fire to the surrounding area.
+ Besides,anti fire glass also has nice design, modern style such as anti  fire glass door, glass wall, glass window … very suitable for use in many architectural works. From apartments to corporate offices to high-end condominiums, hotels, villas, hospitals, schools … fireproof glass is always a material that ensures maximum safety for the whole. construction.
+ Especially, fireproof glass will be the best material for works  contact with high-temperature, easy to fire mmaterial such as warehouses, power stations, machinery rooms, laboratories …

Fire resistant glass doors is used in crowded areas with special anti fire requirements such as:
+ Hospital, School, Restaurant, Hotel, Shop, Commercial Centers, Office, Airport … …
+ Curtain outside the wall.
+ Partition in the house
+ Doors, windows …
+ Partitions in the kitchen
+ Storage of flammable goods
+ Area of fire isolation …

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