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Semi glass facade

Vách mặt dựng hệ Sem i- Nhà thầu thi công nhôm kính Toàn Cầu Invest

The semi glass facade (also known as semi-install Semi-Unitized curtain wall or Hybrid curtain wall) is a type of facade that combines with the advantages and features of the Stick and Unitized glass facade. The basic structural principle is excepting for the main frame, other facade elements are assembled to become unitized panels, then transferred to the works for positioning and mounting on the main frame.

Design and construction SEMI GLASS FACADE is one of the strengths of Global Invest. With more than 10 years of experience and professional team, we have executed many large and small projects that was bring the trust and satisfaction to all fastidious customers.

Compare other glass facades, Semi-unitized facades have too many outstanding strong point  in condition of mass production, precision, installation quality, repair & maintenance,…

Nhà thầu thi công Vách mặt dựng hệ Stick toàn quốc


  • The panels are mass-produced at the factory, so the components are assembled precisely and easily controlled quality.
  • Quick installation, simple operation, short construction time, and high efficiency in construction.
  • With 3 layers are sealed welded inside the facade, the high ability of waterproofing. The drainage system is perfectly designed.The high ability of waterproof, reliable & stability.
  • The method of sealing the structural between unitized panels and traditional glue is in stead of by the sealing strips, these roughness strips not only ensure sealed welded but also reduce the level of contamination on the surface of facade, bring aesthetic, enhance the decorative effect.
  • Small unitized panels that are flexible, convenient, easy to install, maintain and replace.
  • Flexible selection: glass, metal, stone & other decorative materials,…
  • Diverse on the installation of the semi glass facade system: hide the stile/rail, reveal  the stile/rail, combine hide and reveral  the stile/rail.
  • Ensure safet and secur, especially for skyscarpers.


The types
– Semi glass facade have 3 types: Semi-unitized glass facade hide the stile/rail, Semi -unitized glass facade  reveral the stile/rail,Semi -unitized glass facade combine hide and reveral  the stile/rail.
– Xingfa aluminum profile bars and semi glass facade modeling specifications
– profile bars semi glass facade
Semi-glass facade modeling specifications
(Semi-glass facade with the doors, be hidden the stile and rail)
Application of Semi – Unitized
Semi-glass facade often apply to glass wall for Semi-Unitized glass facade panels are often used for glass walls for office buildings, commercial centers, administrative centers, hotels.


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