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Xingfa aluminum and glass doors / windows – Contractor Aluminum And Glass Invest – Leading in the construction and installation of Xingfa aluminum and glass doors /windows for the works are small to large  such as skycrapers, commercial centers, the urban areas, aparment, hospitals, hotels … Contractor Aluminum And Glass Global Invest with a professor team is enthusiastic and  has many experience’s year in the contruction’s field of  aluminum and glass always  creat satisfied customers by the attitude worked professionally, dedicated to bring the most durable and beauty products.

The tendency’s construction market nowadays is using Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows for civil works, hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, villas, supermarkets …

High durability of Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors are  showed  by the solid structure of the aluminum bars are manufactured  following to international standards, can withstand all the pressure of the wind, big storm.
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors are not warped, shrinkage, oxidation and rusty over time in severe climatic conditions or climate in the sea area.
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors are not attacked by termite like wood doors /winows products.
– The aluminum bars are painted by electrostatic painting with high quality paint and  film is imported from Italy, so the life of the paint is almost unaffected and not discolored by hot weather as a number of plastic and wood doors / windows  products.
Convenience of  Xingfa aluminum and glass doors
High Xingfa aluminum and glass doors doors/windows is easy and saving time for cleaning and maintenance. The use of this product can decrease the area for small works , narrow corners but still ensure airy and convenient, very good soundproofing  and avoid rain water into the house. even it’s heavy rain. Close/open quickly and conveniently
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors are widely used for casement doors, A open windows,awning window/hopper window ,louver window, sliding doors, partition … to create synchronism, suitable with the works and uses of the product. In general, safety glass is used in this one’s. In  addition,tempered glass, stained glass, reflective glass, ordinary glass can also be used depending on the customers’s demand.
The aesthetics of the Xingfa aluminum and glass doors
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors is made by many various aluminum bars not only durable but also highly aesthetic. There are many beautiful and luxurious colors for customers to choose from such as sand, black, light, gray, …
– The design combines the Asian aesthetic and modern European elegance, the Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows brings the feel of a sturdy house without the rough, soft without fragile.
Easy to installation  and contruction of the Xingfa aluminum and glass doors
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors is easy to assemble with many different types of glass and lock on the market in Vietnam, creating many choices for customers. It is possible to create large doors, erect the walls without having to worry about the contruction and installation of Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows and safety when  using.

: includes revolving door, sedged and braced door and sliding door. Each type of the door also has its own advantages depend on customers’s aesthetic . However, apartments usally will use sliding doors because of the highest level of safety and security. Sliding door is considered beautiful, unique and strange, this is a new door and high luxury when combined with the Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows. Meanwhile, the sedged and braced door is always the most popular door, and almost 90% of the sedged and braced door.

Nhà thầu thi công nhôm kính Xingfa chuyên nghiệp
Xingfa aluminum and glass doors – The perfection of the house

Windows: includes pivoting window, sliding window and awning window. Like the door, almost  of the apartment use sliding window because it is almost impossible to break the danger in the stormy days. Awning window have a good effect in preventing rain and wind blowing into the house, even if you forget to close the door is still a part to  prevent your house is wet and quite safe in rainy days. As for the pivoting window in the city now not too  many places use them. due to many restrictions on safety and space.

Window  – Products from Aluminum XingFa

Some  Xingfa aluminum and glass doors/windows’s product- Global invest

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