Aluminum panel

Aluminum Composite panel or aluminum-plastic alloy panel is used as the surface cladding material. Aluminum plate is light, colorful, patterned, high precision, easy to clean, and limits sound transmission and heat insulation.

Structure of aluminum panel:

Structure of aluminum alloy panel
Structure of aluminum alloy panel

Construction of aluminum alloy panels is chosen by many customers because of its luxurious and modern style for your project. Contact: 0902501185.

As one of the breakthrough products that create new steps in the construction industry, aluminum alloy panels attract all eyes of customers because of their luxurious appearance, modern beauty, creating their own class. for every project or project.

Aluminum alloy panels are very diverse in color, you are free to choose according to your preferences

 Different colors of aluminum cladding
Different colors of aluminum cladding

Great applications of aluminum metal box panels in life!

Although the product line has just appeared on the market, aluminum cladding panels are used in many designs such as protective wall panels, partitions, decoration or renovation for large projects such as railway stations, supermarkets, courtyards. airplanes or bookstores, office buildings,… At the same time, aluminum panels are also used in technology to make ceilings, domes or stairs,… More widely, in the advertising industry is not far away. Strange with this material, advertising signs or company nameplates also need aluminum alloy panels as materials.

5 great advantages of aluminum alloy cladding panels:

As part of the aluminum and glass products, aluminum panels also inherit advantages such as no warping, high chemical resistance, no abrasion or oxidation under the influence of weather. Wide variety of colors, many types for customers to choose. Moreover, the construction of aluminum cladding panels is also quite easy and does not take much time.

– The weight is not only lighter than net aluminum steel or cockroach wood but also has better sound and heat insulation.

– Aluminum alloy panel gives us a product with the best flatness, freeing all cases of being twisted or deformed

– The best feature of this aluminum panel is that it is not affected by temperature conditions from -50oC to +80oC.

– Easy to clean, hygienic so it’s always like new, this product is famous for its long-term durability, ensuring absolute safety for your work or project.

The front panel uses aluminum panels
The front panel uses aluminum panels

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