Calla Apartment Quy Nhon

Calla Apartment Quy Nhơn – a high-end apartment project – has placed its trust in Toàn Cầu Invest as the contractor for aluminum doors and glass walls installation. We are confident that we can bring a luxurious, sophisticated, and outstanding appearance to this project.

Overview of the Calla Apartment Quy Nhon Project

In harmony with the rapid urbanization in Quy Nhon, Calla Apartment Quy Nhon is a project that anticipates the trend and is a perfect piece for the high-end apartment market. This project is situated in the prime location right in the heart of the coastal city of Quy Nhon, featuring a development model that includes a shopping center, high-end apartments, and a diverse 5-star standard internal utility system.

The phrase “Leaning on Mountains, Facing the Sea” is one of the significant highlights, symbolizing auspiciousness and prosperity for homeowners. In addition, residents will have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the city, the tranquil and refreshing natural scenery, both day and night.

Calla Apartment Quy Nhon promises to be a precious “Diamond” shining with pride, creating positive energy, a convenient and healthy lifestyle for homeowners.

Key Values of CALLA:

– High-end apartments with superior quality
– Safe investment for a prosperous life
– Easy connectivity for a carefree life
– Increasing benefits
– Enjoyment with peace of mind and full amenities

Toan Cau Invest’s Aluminum and Glass Works at Calla Apartment Quy Nhon

With years of experience and a strong reputation in the construction industry, Toan Cau Invest has become the contractor for the entire aluminum and glass works of the Calla Apartment Quy Nhon project. We will complete the scope of work related to aluminum and glass doors, as well as glass facades, for the 29 floors, with a total area of 6,835 square meters.

Toan Cau Invest is proud to be the aluminum and glass works contractor for the Calla Apartment Quy Nhon project.

Project Details:

Location: Vung Chua Green Urban Area in Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
Scale: Total area: 3,076 square meters
Construction Contractor: Global Building Investment And Import-Export .,JSC
Construction Category Supply and Installation of Aluminum and Glass Systems, Glass Facades for the Project

Here are some conceptual images of the Calla Apartment Quy Nhon project.


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