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Tempered glass handrails

Tempered glass handrails

TEMPERED GLASS HANDRAILS – COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE Today, Tempered glass handrails is gradually becoming a trend and completely change the material used to make railing such as iron and wood. When bringing glass into the design of glass stairs or glass balcony will help the house architecture becomes more modern, polite and safer. Tempered […]

Glass edge

Vách Kính Toàn Cầu Invest

Vách kính  hay vách kính cường lực được làm từ kính cường lực và được thiết kế với khối màu trong suốt, tinh khiết tuyệt đẹp kết hợp với bộ phụ kiện như: Kẹp ty, chân nhện, bản lề, kẹp góc, chốt ke,… Với vẻ ngoài sang trọng, thanh lịch, cùng khả năng chịu lực, […]

Aluminum glass doors (windows)

Aluminum glass doors (windows)

Aluminum glass doors (windows) are no longer a strange phrase in the modern and high fashion design ,today, most of the construction is also the presence of aluminum glass material. Therefore, its highly durability,be delicately processed, Aluminum and glass doors/windows are gradually becoming the top choice for office, skyscrapers and house The projects of aluminum […]

Stick glass facade

Vách kính mặt dựng đẹp sang trọng

STICK GLASS FACADE (stick curtain wall) is the aluminum-glass facade system is installed according to the principle of aluminum frame first and glass later. With the stick system, the installing aluminum frame and glass will be done at the field. Stick System system is common used in the lower level architectural structures like business center, office, […]

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