Glass Facades

The use of Glass Facades is gaining popularity in construction projects due to its numerous outstanding advantages, including its aesthetic appeal and high load-bearing capacity. It is now a common trend to incorporate this product into various construction endeavors, such as buildings, skyscrapers, residential complexes, shopping centers, offices, and showrooms.

Toàn Cầu Invest is a seasoned contractor specializing in aluminum and glass façade construction with over 10 years of experience in Vietnam. With a highly experienced workforce and a commitment to quality, we offer the best-priced services for glass façade installation, whether for residential, commercial, or luxury housing projects.

The structure of aluminum and glass facade

This product is favored and used by contractors and clients in designing their buildings and structures, offering various benefits to both the space and its occupants. The aluminum and glass facade typically consist of the following components:

  1. Aluminum Frames: Premium-grade aluminum alloy materials are used, meeting international standards such as Xingfa, PMI, or Italian aluminum, depending on customer preferences and project requirements. These aluminum frames serve as the structural framework for the facade.
  2. Glass: Glass panels come in various types, including standard glass (colored, clear, etc.) and high-performance glass such as tempered glass, safety glass, reflective glass, and safety laminated glass, among others.
  3. Sealing Systems: The gaskets and sealing systems are made from anti-oxidation materials, ensuring they remain resistant to deformation over time. This guarantees an airtight and watertight seal, maintaining the facade’s integrity.

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Types of Aluminum and Glass Facades

Concealed Frame Glass Façade (Hidden Frame):

  • This type of glass facade appears as a seamless, massive glass surface.
  • It excels in sound and thermal insulation while allowing ample natural light.
  • Concealed frame glass facades are commonly used in high-rise buildings and luxury hotels.

Exposed Frame Glass Facade (Visible Frame):

  • The exposed frame glass facade has a robust and imposing appearance, exuding a sense of strength and durability.
  • It maintains an airtight and weather-resistant seal and offers a polished and elegant finish.
  • This facade type is ideal for a wide range of projects, including commercial buildings, offices, and hospitals.

4 Types of Aluminum and Glass Facade Systems:

Stick System Glass Facade

Aluminum and glass are assembled on-site using a framework of pre-fabricated aluminum frames, followed by the installation of glass panels. This system is versatile and suitable for various building types, including offices, schools, and hospitals.
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Applications of Stick System Glass Facade:

  • The Stick System Glass Facade is widely used in various low-rise construction projects, such as shopping centers, office buildings, schools, and hospitals. It is also employed for applications like skylights and canopies, providing an alternative to traditional metal or tile roofing for letting in natural light and shading rooftop spaces.

Unitized Glass Facade

  •  Unitized Glass Facade: Unitized facades are factory-produced and assembled into large panels, complete with aluminum frames and glass. These panels are then transported to the construction site for installation. They work best for buildings with uniform exterior surfaces and consistent floor heights, such as high-rise towers.

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Semi-Unitized Glass Facade

Semi-unitized systems strike a balance between stick and unitized systems, offering flexibility in design and installation while maintaining efficiency. They are commonly used in office buildings, shopping centers, and administrative centers.
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Applications of Semi-Unitized Glass Facade:

  • Semi-unitized glass facades are commonly used as glass walls for various types of buildings, including high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, administrative centers, hotels, supermarkets, and hospitals.

Spider Glass Facade

Spider Glass Facade: Spider glass facades feature a frameless design where glass panels are connected using point-supported fittings and accessories. They offer architectural flexibility with curved or irregular shapes and are suitable for creative designs, providing expansive views and energy efficiency.

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Application of Spider System Glass Façade:

  • The Spider System Glass Façade, with its lightweight structure and flexible shaping capabilities, is used in various applications:1. Architectural Flexibility: The Spider System Glass Facade’s lightweight structure allows for versatile shaping, including folds, undulating waves, and curves. This makes it an ideal choice for creatively designed architectural projects.2. Expanding Visual Space: These facades expand the visual space, making them suitable for projects that emphasize innovative architectural design. They enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and provide a broader perspective.3. Energy Efficiency: Spider system facades can incorporate low-emissivity (low-e) white glass panels, which reduce light pollution and promote energy savings. This makes them a sustainable choice, as they help minimize light pollution and conserve energy.

Based on the various types of façade systems, some of the most beautiful Glass Façade Panels have been created, offering customers perfect choices. These panels have been utilized in a multitude of construction projects based on Glass Façade design, resulting in unique, eye-catching, and outstanding structures.

Advantages of Glass Façade Panels:

The evolution of manufacturing technology has elevated glass façade panels to an indispensable status in modern construction. The outstanding benefits that aluminum and glass facade panels deliver to both the structure and its users are numerous and of exceptional value.

Energy Efficiency:

Aluminum and glass facades allow natural sunlight into buildings, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and helping to save energy. Technological advancements in glass production have improved the thermal performance of these facades, making them suitable for buildings with strict energy requirements. This enhances cost savings and promotes energy efficiency.

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High Durability:

Aluminum and glass façade panels have a robust structure capable of withstanding even the most challenging weather conditions. They remain intact and maintain their appearance in areas with constant exposure to sunlight, wind, or rain. Unlike traditional building materials, glass facades are resistant to rust and environmental influences, ensuring the building’s façade remains pristine.

Design Flexibility:

Toughened glass facades can be molded into various shapes and can be either transparent or frosted. Most contemporary architecture prioritizes the use of clear glass for building facades, but the material’s flexibility allows architects to be more creative in its application. Aluminum and glass facades provide a balance between functionality and aesthetics, making them suitable for various applications.

Aesthetic Benefits:

In addition to their functional advantages, glass facades are aesthetically pleasing. Investors and clients can creatively use glass façade products to construct impressive structures. Glass facades can enhance the elegance and modernity of a building’s exterior.

Why Use Glass Façade Panels?

Glass façade panels are lightweight compared to other construction materials, reducing the overall structural load of a building. Residents in these structures can enjoy expansive views without obstruction. The installation of glass façade panels also reduces glare and allows natural light to penetrate the interior of the building.

  •  Glass façade construction has a high aesthetic value and maintains its beauty over time.
  • The installation process of glass façade panels is relatively straightforward and quick, ensuring timely project completion.
  • Glass façade panels add sophistication and elevate the overall appearance of a project.
  • There is a wide variety of designs and types available, suitable for numerous projects, from large to small.
  • Aluminum and glass façade panels have excellent loadbearing capacity and a very high safety factor.
  • With high-quality seals, they ensure absolute tightness, providing superior sound and thermal insulation, ultimately offering economic benefits.

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The Importance of Using Glass Facades

Constructing toughened glass facades significantly reduces the environmental impact of the project. By preventing heat absorption and resisting harmful UV rays, toughened glass enhances the overall energy efficiency of the structure.

Unlike many other building materials, glass does not corrode and does not deteriorate over time. It can also be easily recycled due to its chemical properties.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal and low environmental impact, the popularity of architectural glass products ensures compatibility with many suppliers, reducing costs for buyers and ensuring safety when used.

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Glass Facades – A Sustainable and Durable Material for Projects

Installing toughened glass will enhance the design efficiency of the building, project, and reduce its environmental impact. Not only is it a versatile material with hundreds of different applications, but the low cost and ease of installation of aluminum and glass façade panels make it an essential material for any architectural activity.

Reputable Glass Façade Construction

Glass façade panels are a large glass façade system created by the combination of aluminum and toughened glass or safety laminated glass, along with premium accessories.

Thanks to its durability and high aesthetics, Xiangfan Glass Façade Panel products are increasingly used in various constructions such as offices, modern buildings, and shopping centers, enhancing the beauty and elegance of buildings.

Typically, the installation of glass façade panels for projects using premium aluminum systems such as Viet Phap aluminum, Xingfa aluminum, Hyundai aluminum.

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Toughened glass façade is a product of the new generation that offers greater energy efficiency due to the combination of clear and frosted surfaces. Currently, multi-functional façade panels, such as heating and cooling, are in use. The glass façade also contributes to reducing energy requirements for buildings.

Another advantage of toughened glass façade modules is the efficiency of mass production and economies of scale.

In general, modern aluminum glass facades provide a better way to construct a building while significantly reducing costs, and it is also used to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Glass façade panels have a more diverse structure while still maintaining the integrity of the architectural design. In the future, designers and architects will continue to improve glass façade products to provide better structural designs.

One of the most prominent trends in real estate in recent years is the use of glass façade products. Large cities now have plenty of high-rise buildings with glass façade designs. The main reason developers and architects prefer glass products is because they reduce the weight on the building foundation, making the building lighter than building walls.

Toan Cau Invest is a reputable glass façade construction contractor in the current market. We provide customers with detailed, clear, and extremely reasonable glass façade construction quotations. Contact Toan Cau now to receive an overall aluminum and glass plan for your project.

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